Welcome to jj's Oz Connection's blog spot.

Genealogy has been a long time hobby and as with all hobbies you tend to gain knowledge that can be shared with others. In the Connections forum you will find the following:

  • Resources to sites on the web that may be of interest to other researchers.
  • Certificates - this section contains the information on the certificates that I have sourced. (It seems such a waste to have the information and not be able to share it.)
Due to the enormous amount of spam registrations on the Forums, I closed down the registration and now only use the site to add what resources I can find and review. If you do have any you would like to share with others post them in a reply to this post and I will review them for suitability.Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Look Ups

If you have visited the Connections forum and would like a single look up completed, please reply to this post with the required details and the resource to be used.

Friday, November 9, 2007


If you have a site you would like to contribute to the Connections forum please reply to this entry.

All sites will be checked and added if deemed appropriate.

Posting a site request does not automatically guarantee it's inclusion.

Please advise which section you think your site request should be added too.